Professionally Applied Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are becoming increasingly popular as more people search for a way to enhance their eyelashes in a relatively permanent manner. While receiving permanent eyelash enhancement is impossible without implants with the use of surgery (as eyelashes naturally fall out, defeating even the most stubborn semi permanent eyelash solutions), the lash extension offers a way to get beautiful eyelashes for a fairly lengthy period of time.

Unlike false eyelashes, which can be purchased at nearly any drug store and then self applied, eyelash extensions need the help of a professional. The procedure requires precise placement, and a point of view that is removed from one’s own self. Additionally, because the procedure can take up to an hour and a half (although an hour is more common), it requires patience and stamina. Applying eyelash extensions should not be attempted on oneself, and one should always seek the aid of a beauty professional for lash extensions. However, while false eyelashes often look fake and can be irritating and cumbersome, eyelash extensions look natural and cause almost no irritation and feel weightless.

Proper Care of Your Eyelash Extensions

If you want to get the most out of your eyelash extensions, it is important to properly care for them. Lash extensions that are not properly cared for will fall out sooner and can even be the cause of irritation for the eyes. In order to maintain good ocular health, as well as lengthen the life of your extensions, it is imperative that you practice proper maintenance of your eyelash extensions. If you properly care for your extensions, they will likely remain in place until the natural lashes that hold them fall out.

The beauty of eyelash extensions is that they are fairly maintenance free. There is not a whole lot that needs to be done in order to facilitate their upkeep. After all, they are just an extension of the natural lash. They are designed to enhance your eyes and add a thicker, fuller look to the eyelashes. If you follow a few simple rules, you will be able to easily maintain your lash extensions and keep them much longer.

Do not rub your eyes. Not only is rubbing your eyes harmful to the health of your eyes, but it can also rip your extensions out or remove your natural lashes (and the extensions bonded to them). Rubbing your eyes can introduce diseases into the eyes and damage them. And it can damage the look you have achieved by causing extensions to fall.

Use an eyelash brush. Part of good maintenance is a neat appearance. Gently using an eyelash brush will help improve the look and length of the natural lashes as well as the lash extensions. Additionally, it will keep lashes and extensions from clumping or sticking together.

What is an Eyelash Extension?

An eyelash extension is a small, shaped material that is placed on top of your natural eyelash in order to provide length and thickness. Most extensions are made from synthetic materials, but there are some made from natural fibers. However, the synthetic materials often last longer and are less likely to cause irritation or allergic reaction. A lash extension is designed to enhance the look and shape of the eye in a way that looks natural and does not hinder everyday activities.

Lash extensions are considered semi permanent beauty aids. This is because an eyelash extension is designed to stay on the natural lash for a rather long period of time (anywhere from four weeks to 100 days), but will eventually fall off. With proper bonding, a semi permanent eyelash extension will remain in place until the natural lash falls out. While not considered a permanent eyelash (as eyelash implants are), eyelash extensions can provide a pain free way for one to look one’s best and enhance one’s natural beauty.

Most people who wear eyelash extensions find them acceptable substitutes to wearing mascara. They give a look that is longer and thicker than mascara, and they accomplish the same thing as mascara but without the clumping that can occur with mascara. Additionally, because lash extensions are water resistant, they will not run and leave black streaks, nor will they fall off if you go swimming, cry, or sweat. However, if you so choose, it is possible to wear mascara. Just do not wear waterproof mascara, as it will dissolve the bond between natural lash and extension. Additionally, when removing the mascara, make sure that you use an oil-free remover, as oil will also dissolve the adhesive.

Usually after a full eyelash extension application, it is only necessary to go in for touch ups if you maintain a schedule of four to six weeks. If you only go in every two to three months, if is likely that you will need a full lash extension application each time you go in. Because natural lashes fall out at different times, the extensions that are bonded to them fall out as well. Touch ups can help keep your lashes looking thick, full, and beautiful, using the eyelash extensions to their full effect.

How often should I get touch-ups?

We recommend getting a touch up every 2 to 3 weeks. If you wait too long your eyelash extensions will fall out and you will require a full set. Your natural eyelashes fall off every 45 – 60 days due to the natural growth cycle and are naturally replaced with the growth of a new eyelash. Other factors such as expsoure to steam or touching your eyes alot may cause the extensions to fall sooner. A touch up is needed to fill in any lashes that fallen. Touch ups average about 45 minutes.

Non-Surgery Beauty Enhancements

The beauty industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. Each year technology advances, allowing us to enjoy more ways to enhance our natural beauty. While surgery is still very popular, many people find this invasive and feel it is too risky. However, it is possible to take advantage of your natural beauty and simple enlarge upon that rather than actually alter your appearance. Here are a few non-surgery beauty enhancements that can help you feel more satisfied with the way you look all over your body.

Semi permanent eyelash extensions. Eyelash extensions are growing in popularity because they accent what many people consider their best feature the eyes. Lash extensions are made to be bonded to the natural lash with the use of an adhesive. This makes the lashes thicker, fuller, and longer. The curl at the end of the extensions also helps the eye appear more open, giving a younger, more dramatic look. Eyelash extensions help improve over all beauty by starting at the top of the body.

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